Emergency Response to Western Japan Floods

Japan Platform has mobilized the “Emergency Response to the Western Japan Floods” in response to the record-breaking torrential rain which began to fall on July 5 and has caused significant and widespread floods damages in western Japan.

JPF has also begun to appeal for donations and appreciate your assistance for the victims. Please refer to our website and Facebook page for further updates


  • The JPF Emergency Mobilization Assessment*1 Team has arrived on the ground on July 8 and has been conducting assessment to better provide relief in accordance with the needs on the ground. In coordination with parties concerned and JPF member NGOs conducting assessment, we will promptly implement emergency relief efforts that meet the needs of affected communities.
  • Thus far, there have been 94 deaths, 3 critical injuries, and 56 missing persons reported*2. Some areas still face a heightened risk of landslides*3.

*1: See here for more information on sources of funding.
*2: As reported by NHK (8:52 a.m., July 9, 2018).
*3: As reported by Emergency Management Headquarters, Fire and Disaster Management Agency (6:30 a.m., July 9, 2018).


For more details or to donate, please visit Japan Platform’s Western Japan Emergency Response page

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