The Emergency Appeals Alliance is a voluntary body without legal statute which currently consists of ten member organisations. Each EAA member unites aid agencies and the private and public sector, especially the media, within their respective countries to respond to humanitarian emergencies around the world.

The EAA works to champion the highest standards of humanitarian practice and public accountability. It strives to enhance the membership of existing alliance members and also assist the development of potential new joint appeal organisations in other countries. The alliance is working to develop a network of global corporate partners to support members in each national context.

The goals of the alliance are to mutually support members’ funding and reporting mechanisms so that national appeals are cost effective and can be held up as examples of ‘good donorship’.

Just one organisation from each country may be an EAA member at any one time. Members’ beneficiary organisations receiving funds for humanitarian purposes must be signatories of the Red Cross and NGOs code of conduct and agree to independent evaluation of their emergency programs.

Member organisations must:
  1. be legally constituted as a not for profit organisation
  2. be mandated to run national appeals for international disasters
  3. be fully accountable to the relevant statutory bodies within their respective countries
  4. be in existence for at least 2 years
  5. follow best practice standards for fundraising in their national context
Looking to the future

The EAA recognises and is reviewing the need to legalise the entity, both to help raise its profile and also to be able to raise additional funds from trusts and institutions.

For the longer term, members’ express hope is to eventually be able to launch simultaneous appeals and complement each other in the field for a greater global coverage.

The potential exists for the creation of a unified reporting protocol that could promote greater harmony between funding dispersal and reporting mechanisms.

EAA’s current Chair: Manuela Rossbach, ADH