The first global alliance of its kind

In 2008, at the initiative of Agire (Italy), joint appeal organisations from eight countries met in Rome to begin sharing regional knowledge and fundraising experience. In 2013 they established the Emergency Appeals Alliance with the goal of creating a more cooperative, cohesive and cost effective way of funding and delivering humanitarian aid. It became the first global alliance of its kind.

In 2010 the combined annual turnover of the aid agencies represented by the eight member organisations was €3 billion – a clear indication of their global humanitarian force.

The EAA consists of the following national joint appeal organisations:

Country Name Population
(in millions)
Appeal results 2013
(in million euros)
Belgium Consortium 12-12 10.8 7,722,000
Canada Humanitarian Coalition 34.7 5,427,000
Germany Aktion Deutschland Hilft 82.0 81,987,651
Italy Agire 61.0 438,584
The Netherlands Giro555 16.7 41,211,909
Sweden Radiohjälpen 9.5 18,000,000
Switzerland Swiss Solidarity 7.7 43,637,000
United Kingdom Disasters Emergency Committee 62.8 129,781,869

On the 29th October 2013 members signed a Memorandum of Understanding and agreed on five initial priorities for the alliance.

Its aims were to:
  1. mutually support members’ funding and reporting mechanisms so that national appeals are models of cost effective “good donorship”
  2. champion the highest standards of humanitarian practice and accountability
  3. strengthen and enlarge the membership of existing alliance members
  4. help establish new member organisations in high potential national fundraising markets
  5. develop a network of global corporate partners to support appeals in each national context

At its inception members also looked into setting up working groups to explore fundraising, digital and social media strategy, joint evaluation, global partnership and communications.