Why a global alliance?

Why a global alliance?

The national joint appeal organisations of ten countries established the Emergency Appeals Alliance in 2013 in order to further increase the benefits of collaboration, learn from each others’ experience and improve their collective impact.

Shared knowledge

By joining forces under the EAA umbrella, members are able to profit from complementary knowledge, experience and ideas. Information sharing leads to a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of humanitarian disasters and of how best to respond to them. The decision to launch an appeal becomes better informed, benefitting both EAA members and their media partners which improves the quality and speed with which information is distributed and enables a faster and more efficient delivery of aid. In addition to information exchange, media resources and contacts can also be shared.

Joint evaluation

Collaborative joint evaluation of humanitarian projects is cost efficient and can be significantly less disruptive for workers in the field. Joint reporting enables increased accountability while visible coordination improves public confidence and can strengthen investment potential.

Global influence

The EAA establishes an environment in which members’ credibility and influence can be strengthened through international joint action. EAA members have the opportunity to increase their public reach, lower their costs and scale up fundraising. Collectively connecting with international media and global corporate organisations in potential worldwide humanitarian appeals lends EAA members a global weight.

Membership and international leverage

A priority objective of the EAA is to support the membership growth of existing national appeal organisations. Relatively new national appeal organisations like Agire (Italy) and the Humanitarian Coalition (Canada) are both seeking to expand their membership.

In order to establish greater international leverage the EAA also aims to promote the expansion of the national appeal model to other countries and help establish new membership organisations where they do not yet exist. Austria and Japan have recently joined the EAA; while Australia, France are other countries are exploring the potential creation of a national appeal organisation.