Canada provides humanitarian assistance for earthquake survivors in Indonesia

OTTAWA, December 19, 2016 – Survivors of a magnitude 6.4 earthquake in Indonesia are receiving much needed assistance from Oxfam thanks to $150,000 provided through the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund.

The December 7 earthquake killed at least 102 people, injured more than 600 and displaced more than 80,000 people in the province of Aceh, on northwestern tip of Sumatra. With thousands of homes damaged, many families were left sleeping outdoors, in makeshift shelters or in meunasahs (community gathering areas). The earthquake also compromised clean water from community-drilled wells and sanitation facilities, increasing the risk of waterborne diseases.

Thanks to this funding, Oxfam will be able to reach some of the more remote villages that were affected with immediate relief assistance including hygiene promotion, ensuring access to clean water, emergency latrines, and temporary shelters. Efforts will be made to support the local economy and livelihoods through the use of vouchers.

Oxfam has a long-standing presence in Indonesia, and was involved in a number of disaster responses in the country, particularly in Aceh during the 2004 tsunami and the Sinabung eruption in 2011. Oxfam’s speciality is water, sanitation and hygiene, and has extensive experience in providing this service following disasters.

The Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund is a joint mechanism financed by Global Affairs Canada, the Humanitarian Coalition and its member agencies.

For more information:

Yosé Cormier

Humanitarian Coalition


Melanie Gallant

Oxfam Canada
613-237-5236 ext. 2215

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