rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Help now: Rohingya Myanmar/Bangladesch

More than 400 000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar since the end of August. More than half of the displaced are children. The temporary refugee camps in neighbouring Bangladesh are overcrowded. We provide  disaster relief – please help us with your donation.

Misery meets misery in the South Asian country. Heavy monsoon rains have flooded the camps and have swamped the streets with mud. This increases the risk of a pandemic dramatically, because diseases like Cholera spread through contaminated water. The situation is a humanitarian catastrophe.

The member organisations of Aktion Deutschland Hilft – Germany’s Relief Coalition – are in Myanmar and Bangladesh to provide emergency relief. Please help us to save lives now – with your donation.

How we help

  • We provide medication for newly arrived refugees
  • We provide access to food and distribute hygiene articles in order to prevent diseases from spreading
  • We distribute blankets, tarps and tents as emergency shelters
  • We support women, children and men with psychological assistance
  • We take great care that help finds those who need it most – children, women and elderly people

Picture Copyright: World Vision/Himaloy Joseph Mree

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