Helping the Fleeing Rohingya People: Swiss Solidarity Appeals for Donations

Photo © Keystone / AP/ Dar Yasin.

Geneva, Zürich, Lugano, 27.09.2017 — Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled violence in Myanmar and sought refuge in Bangladesh. The humanitarian situation in the reception camps has reached catastrophic proportions. Several partner NGOs have already dispatched emergency response teams to organise humanitarian assistance and handle the most urgent needs. To fund this assistance, Swiss Solidarity is launching a call for donations.

For the past month, members of the Rohingya community have been crossing the border between Myanmar (also known as Burma) and Bangladesh by the thousands. According to the latest UN estimates, the number of displaced Rohingya currently exceeds 400,000. Carrying nothing but their meagre personal belongings, they are fleeing their torched villages in the northern Rakhine State, which has recently seen an explosion of violence, and are struggling just to survive.

In refugee camps across the border in Bangladesh, food and water are scarce. People, most of whom are without shelter, also lack access to drinking water and toilets. Furthermore, they desperately need tents, hygiene kits, medical care and psychological support. According to recent estimates, over 300,000 Rohingya were already living in Bangladesh before the latest wave of refugees arrived. The deplorable humanitarian situation in these overcrowded camps is worsening every day as the region is drenched by torrential rainfall. And once the monsoon season ends in October, winter will follow. Time is running out.

How to donate

Donations may be made anytime either directly online at, via the Swiss Solidarity app or through postal account 10-15000-6 (mention “Rohingya”). Swiss Solidarity payment slips are available at all post offices in Switzerland.

Contact: Sophie Balbo, Swiss Solidarity spokesperson, at 078 815 96 39

“Swiss Solidarity” is the expression of the solidarity of the Swiss population with the victims of disasters and conflicts. It is an independent foundation created by the SSR. Swiss Solidarity is not itself operational, but co-funds using donations from the public, businesses as well as cantons and municipalities, the projects of 25 Swiss NGOs which assist victims on the ground. The Foundation ensures the proper use of these donations through in-depth analyses and field assessments by experts in compliance with international standards for emergency aid, rehabilitation and reconstruction. In Switzerland, Swiss Solidarity supports people in need, spending of the order of one million Swiss francs per annum, in collaboration with specialised social services. In the wake of severe weather in the country, it supports individuals, communities and SMEs suffering major damage. Since 1946, Swiss Solidarity has collected more than 1.5 billion Swiss francs in donations.

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Photo © Keystone / AP/ Dar Yasin

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