Nachbar In Not, Austria

Nachbar in Not

  • Population: 8.4 million
  • Year of foundation: 1992
  • Staff size:
List of members:
  • Hilfswerk Austria
  • Volkshilfe Austria
  • Diakonie
  • Malteser International
  • Samaritan Austria
  • Care Austria
  • Austrian Red Cross
  • Caritas Austria



“Neighbour in Need”, is a nonprofit foundation, launched in May 1992 as a relief program for victims of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia by Caritas, the Austrian Red Cross and the Austrian broadcaster ORF.

The exclusive purpose of the foundation is to assist people in need because of natural disasters, war or armed conflict.

In the year 2003 a foundation was established and six other organizations joined the foundation. Neighbour in Need is now the biggest donation program in Austria in case of an international catastrophe.

The foundation Neighbour in Need has two bodies:One is the management board and the other is the council. The responsibilities of the management board are to make decisions about fundraising campaigns, to represent the foundation, to implement the foundation purpose. Furthermore the management board allocates the funds and co-ordinate the relief projects and operation.

The Council has to implement the foundation’s purpose, to consult the management board, to give suggestions Suggestions about allocation of funds to co-operation/project partners, to nominate one  member of the board, etc. Each member organization has one seat in the council.


Since 2004 the Neighbour in Need foundation helps worldwide. The first fundraising campaign after the war in Yugoslavia was a starvation crisis in Sudan, followed by the Tsunami in Southeast Asia in the year 2004, floods in Europe and Pakistan and the earthquake in Haiti 2010. Neighbour in Need helps with food, water, medicine, emergency reliefs and reconstruction projects in all these areas.

Successes and highlights
In the last 22 years, 221 million Euros were donated by the Austrian citizens. This is an incredible signal for compassion and responsibility.

Nachbar in Not does not initiate structural partnerships with the corporate sector. During appeals however, various companies make generous donations.