Radiohjälpen Relaunches Hunger Aid Campaign

8 March 2017

Radiohjälpen, EAA’s member in Sweden, has restarted its Hunger Aid campaign in the face of hunger, famine, and the greatest need for food aid seen in decades.

Over 20 million people suffer from hunger in many countries South of the Sahara and in Yemen. During this year,  an estimated 70 million people in over 45 countries could be in urgent need of food aid. The UN is now warning of a major humanitarian disaster. In some parts of South Sudan, famine is already a fact. Urgent efforts are needed to provide food and other humanitarian assistance to the millions of children and adults who might otherwise die. Several million people are in urgent need of food, water and temporary shelter – in their home countries, but also in neighbouring countries where they have sought temporary shelter.

Radiohjälpen is asking for your support to help in this emergency situation. The help can not wait. Support Hunger Aid today. Thanks!

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